How can I be of help?

It’s hard to see a psychiatrist! I see people in distress due to a crisis, a loss, a trauma, or a major life change. This distress manifests as depression, mood swings, anxiety, racing thoughts, paranoia, insomnia, or other symptoms.

People are complicated, with a rich story to tell. As part of the evaluation I will take a comprehensive history listening for your psychological, emotional, biological, and contextual clues. I listen to both the lyrics and the melody of your lifeRead more about my practice >

My Qualifications

My practice today is informed by 33 years of experience. My training at Massachusetts General Hospital has provided me with a rigorous grounding in both psychiatry and general medicine. I integrate a biological and psychodynamic perspective in my work. I am board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. I have taught and lectured in various academic settings and I have been on the faculty of Harvard Medical School throughout my entire careerRead my bio and CV >